science fair 2022-23

News as on Tuesday March 28 2023


                                                                    Science ,Language Exhibition

On the occasion of National science day Green Heaven Kids hosted Science ,language exhibition to promote active involvement of students and teachers in science related activities. All the KG I and KG II students participated with great enthusiasm. Students confidently demonstrated about their models. Model based on water cycle was prepared & demonstrated by Gunj Bawne,Gurudatta Tandale, Dhyani Dholaria. Working of Lungs was demonstrated by Umesh,Aditi Somkuwar and Aryav Rangari, Parts of plant and Tree explained by  Mudit Gupta and Arohi Junankar,. Water takes the shape of container explained by Yukta Rajdharkar,Mahi Junankar and Shivansh Khole,Solar system model prepared and explained by Marutendra Sing and Advik Pahade  from KG II.  Aradhya Rakhunde , Lokik  Khankhure,Ayansh Gupta  showed different stages of seed germination.  Sink & float experiment shown by Voransh Lokhande ,Swarup Kothare ,Sarthak Uke and Monali Mange, English and Hindi rhymes presented by KG I students  .  Explanation about the models given by the kids under the age 4 and 5 years made the spectators stand astonished. It was a great opportunity for kids to explore their skills.

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